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    Document Title     Year
   Bayou Picnic Area 2014
   Bike group at New College lawn on the bay 2017
   Bismark Palm awaiting unfurling 2014
   Diseased Oak receiving colorful treatment 2014
   Fountain and LED floodlight 2014
   Front Median Reclinata Palm after trimming & de-booting 2014
   Front Median Reclinata Palm before trimming 2014
   Herald Tribune Article 2013
   How to get electrical power to the front median 2014
   Ibis 2014
   Large Bismark Palm awaiting unfurling 2014
   Lilies in our lake 2014
   Lunch at MandeVille Pub 2017
   New LED building bulkhead lighting 2014
   New LED Floods for pool area 2014
   Pickeball court lines added 2014
   Roof covered after lightning strike Building 2 2014
   Spindle Palm 2014
   Tunneling under our front roadway 2014
   Watch the manatees in comfort 2014